Health Insurance Add Ons to Consider

Finding the right health insurance coverage is a very personal decision only you can make. You know best what kind of coverage you would like and can afford. If you live in the greater Tulsa, OK area and want to know what kind of health insurance add ons are available to you, the American Founders Insurance Group Inc. is here to help. 

Discount Prescription Drug Card

This is a helpful addition to have with your insurance, especially if you have a number of prescriptions (or if someone in your family suffers from medical issues or allergies and requires prescriptions on a regular basis). The discount prescription drug card will help you save even more money over what a standard health insurance program offers. 

Alternative Medicine Coverage

There are a number of additional forms of medical treatment you can receive that does not directly come from a doctor. This can include everything from a physical therapist to a massage therapist. You may also want to consider health coverage that helps pay for a therapist or psychologist as well. Standard health insurance may not provide coverage for these kinds of services, but the improvement to your physical wellbeing and your mental state can greatly increase your quality of life and how you live. 

No matter what your current health is like or what kind of health insurance coverage you’re looking for, when you live in Tulsa, OK the American Founders Insurance Group Inc. can help connect you both with the right insurance and the right add ons. So if you’re curious what all is available and whether you can find better coverage or a better price with a different insurance provider, now is the time to reach out and contact the team at American Founders Insurance Group Inc.