How to Find Out If a Home is in a Flood Plain

Some occurrences of flooding have been well-publicized through news stories, photos, and videos. Because of this, we at American Founders Insurance Group Inc., which serves Tulsa, OK, know that some homeowners want to know how prone their property is to inundation by high waters. Well, the Internet makes finding flood maps easy.  

When visitors type in "FEMA Flood Map Service Center," they will be asked to enter an address, place, or longitude and latitude coordinates. Up pops a map. If reading a map is complicated, free help from a Map Specialist is available by phone or live chat Monday thru Friday. FEMA email assistance is also available. Conditions that heighten flood risks include being near levees, lowlands, streams, overdeveloped areas, storm drains, and areas devastated by fire.

Should the map indicate that a home or apartment complex has just a 1 percent chance of flooding—which means it’s susceptible to a catastrophic event once every 100 years—don’t jump to the conclusion that flood insurance is not needed. At American Founders Insurance Group Inc., we note that the Oklahoma Water Resources Board states that 30 percent of claims are from places outside the 100-year flood boundary.  

Furthermore, the government entity says that there is a 25 percent chance that a home will be flooded sometime during its 30-year mortgage. Critics of FEMA maps say that they are not updated quickly enough and that they do not take into consideration the effects of climate change. No property owner or renter wants to be saddled with bills for repairs or the replacement of items in the event of a flood. Consult American Founders Insurance Group Inc. in Tulsa, OK for help in deciding on flood insurance that can protect your assets