Health Insurance Add Ons to Consider

Finding the right health insurance coverage is a very personal decision only you can make. You know best what kind of coverage you would like and can afford. If you live in the greater Tulsa, OK area and want to know what kind of health insurance add ons are available to you, the American Founders Insurance Group Inc. is here to help. 

Discount Prescription Drug Card

This is a helpful addition to have with your insurance, especially if you have a number of prescriptions (or if someone in your family suffers from medical issues or allergies and requires prescriptions on a regular basis). The discount prescription drug card will help you save even more money over what a standard health insurance program offers. 

Alternative Medicine Coverage

There are a number of additional forms of medical treatment you can receive that does not directly come from a doctor. This can include everything from a physical therapist to a massage therapist. You may also want to consider health coverage that helps pay for a therapist or psychologist as well. Standard health insurance may not provide coverage for these kinds of services, but the improvement to your physical wellbeing and your mental state can greatly increase your quality of life and how you live. 

No matter what your current health is like or what kind of health insurance coverage you’re looking for, when you live in Tulsa, OK the American Founders Insurance Group Inc. can help connect you both with the right insurance and the right add ons. So if you’re curious what all is available and whether you can find better coverage or a better price with a different insurance provider, now is the time to reach out and contact the team at American Founders Insurance Group Inc. 

How Life Insurance Protects Your Family

Starting a family brings many joys but it can also bring concerns.  Questions such as “how will the children be protected if something happens to one or both of the parents” arise.  This is where life insurance comes in.  It plays a financial role in the future of your family whatever life may bring.  A good policy can ensure that your children’s educational future is protected.  It can also be used to pay off a mortgage, cover funeral expenses and take care of any remaining debts.  There is a myriad of ways that life insurance policies protect your family.  The team at American Founders Insurance Group Inc. work with families in the Tulsa, OK area.  They are ready to talk with you and address any concerns. 

There are two main types of life insurance policies:  term life and whole life.  When considering the coverage your family needs, remember to factor in inflation and the estate taxes that will be due.  This may impact your choices.  Both policy types have their benefits for specific life situations.  Term life policies are active for a predefined amount of time.  If desired, they can be renewed.  Initially, the premiums will be lower than whole life insurance.  However, the premium will increase each time that it is renewed.  Also, they do not increase in cash value.

On the other hand, whole life insurance remains in place throughout the policy holder’s lifetime.  Even with a higher premium, the policy will build cash value.  This can be borrowed against when needed.

In the Tulsa, OK area, the team at American Founders Insurance Group Inc. are ready to answers your questions.  They can help you decide which policy type is right for you and your family. Call and visit them to get started on the journey to protecting your family. 

Job Relocation? – Review Your Auto Insurance

If your employment requires a job relocation, we suggest you stop by the offices of American Founders Insurance Group Inc. in Tulsa, OK  first.  Your current auto insurance policy most likely covers your travel to different states as long as your domicile remains stationary. Once you decide to re-locate, it is a real game-changer when it comes to your insurance. 

Automobile insurance is specific to your residence. Due to factors like; the safety of your neighborhood, the crime statistics as regards auto theft, the proximity of your house to your place of employment, the amount of driving you were doing recreationally  and for your employment, other drivers in your household, their ages and driving records, and a myriad of other factors – moving out of state will have a great impact on your auto insurance. 

Depending upon the agency that you currently use there is a chance that agency will not provide auto insurance coverage in your new state of residence. The time to find out about exactly what you are covered for is before you need to use the insurance product.  If there is a change in job title to go along with the relocation, this also presents many inherent changes to your policy.

If you will be using your automobile for work, if your employer will be providing automobile Insurance for a company vehicle – these factors are considerations as well. Speaking with a professional will help you understand what changes will occur so that you can plan accordingly.

Before you relocate, stop by the offices of American Founders Insurance Group Inc. in Tulsa, OK to discuss your insurance options with regard to every aspect of your financial future. If you prefer, you can give us a call at 918-508-2904.

3 Tips for Buying Commercial Insurance in Tulsa, OK

Your business is a valuable asset and you need to protect it with the right commercial insurance policy in Tulsa, OK. At American Founders Insurance Group Inc. we have put together some tips to help you do just that. So, if you’re looking to purchase a new commercial insurance policy or revisit and existing one, here are three tips to help you find the right policy and save money while doing it.

1. Compare Several Quotes

Each business is unique and comes with its own set of needs. For this reason, you’ll want to compare several insurance quotes to find the one that closely matches your business protection requirements. Go over each policy in fine detail with an insurance agent to find the right policy and to get the most out of your money.

2. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

Insurance carriers like to reward loyal customers. They do this by offering premium discounts when you bundle all of your insurance policies with them. Consider bundling your auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance and any other policies you have under one carrier to get the maximum discounts. An insurance agent can help you find the carrier that offers the most discounts coupled with the best policies.

3. Work with a Reputable Insurance Agent

Don’t leave the protection of your business to chance. Be sure to work with a trusted, reputable agent serving the Tulsa, OK area to find the right commercial insurance policy for your unique business needs.

To learn more about purchasing a commercial insurance policy, contact the team at American Founders Insurance Group Inc. today. 

Loan Amount VS. Insured Amount: What coverage is needed?

Straight forward home insurance plans and loan contracts are not easy to understand. Examining the contrast of the two makes it easier to choose the right defense.

Loan Amount vs. Insured Amount

Understanding loan amount requires a quick once over on what it means. The term refers to the sum of funds that someone borrows and makes an agreement to pay back in full. The borrowed money often encompasses more than the obtained amount.

Loan fees, closing costs, and additional expenses are quiet cash drains that most do not notice at first glance. The loan amount differs quite a bit from the insured total. Reading and understanding home insurance policies is a priority and the best plan of action for any person with insurance.

Insurance experts serving Tulsa, OK, American Founders Insurance Group Inc. answers questions regarding the topic in clear and concise terms.

Breaking Down the Basics

Always consider the money going towards a home insurance premium versus what the monetary outcome of a claim is.

For example, a claim’s amount is $20,000 while the loan repayment is twice that amount.

Full protection requires gap homeowner insurance to make up the difference in the loan amount and insured total.

The protections, deficits, and loans work the same way whether it is an auto insurance policy or homeowners’ insurance.

Everyone Is Unique

Family budgets decipher what is best in the end. The benefit of securing coverage for the loan amount ensures claims are available in full. This protects both the lender and the borrower.

However, it comes down to the precise amount of coverage each person needs. For example, in Tulsa, OK, American Founders Insurance Group Inc. serves to provide whatever information is pertinent to home insurance. 

Examining existing homeowner policies ensures every year sees a quality result to the policy holder’s bottom line. Contact our office to have your questions answered and to get a quote.