Job Relocation? – Review Your Auto Insurance

If your employment requires a job relocation, we suggest you stop by the offices of American Founders Insurance Group Inc. in Tulsa, OK  first.  Your current auto insurance policy most likely covers your travel to different states as long as your domicile remains stationary. Once you decide to re-locate, it is a real game-changer when it comes to your insurance. 

Automobile insurance is specific to your residence. Due to factors like; the safety of your neighborhood, the crime statistics as regards auto theft, the proximity of your house to your place of employment, the amount of driving you were doing recreationally  and for your employment, other drivers in your household, their ages and driving records, and a myriad of other factors – moving out of state will have a great impact on your auto insurance. 

Depending upon the agency that you currently use there is a chance that agency will not provide auto insurance coverage in your new state of residence. The time to find out about exactly what you are covered for is before you need to use the insurance product.  If there is a change in job title to go along with the relocation, this also presents many inherent changes to your policy.

If you will be using your automobile for work, if your employer will be providing automobile Insurance for a company vehicle – these factors are considerations as well. Speaking with a professional will help you understand what changes will occur so that you can plan accordingly.

Before you relocate, stop by the offices of American Founders Insurance Group Inc. in Tulsa, OK to discuss your insurance options with regard to every aspect of your financial future. If you prefer, you can give us a call at 918-508-2904.