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Imagine your watercraft being destroyed with no hope of repair due to your lack of proper indemnity coverage. Such a scenario may seem like a nightmare that will not occur in Oklahoma. You, however, can never be too sure of the future.

A natural disaster can sweep through Tulsa, OK in an instant and destroy the dock that houses your boat. You need to have more than a hope and prayer that finances will come from somewhere to restore all that was lost in the storm. American Founders Insurance Group Inc. is your trusted group of insurance agents who can help you find the watercraft/boat insurance policy that works best for your lifestyle.

What is boat insurance?

Boat insurance is an indemnity plan that pays if your watercraft is stolen, damaged, or destroyed. Some compare this type of assurance to an auto insurance plan in Oklahoma. As with auto assurance, a boat indemnity policy pays if you have an at-fault accident in which individuals are injured and property is either destroyed or damaged. Boat insurance also protects your assets like a good auto assurance plan so that you are not sued if there are no savings to pay for the damages.

Is boat insurance mandatory?

One major difference between boat insurance and auto assurance in Tulsa, OK is the urgency to obtain policies. Whereas auto insurance is mandated by the state, boat assurance is often an option for owners. Some boat owners go without a plan because their watercraft does not leaves the house. They correctly conclude that their home insurance policy will cover the boat if a natural disaster destroys things.

You should not just depend on home insurance, though. There are instances where your home assurance indemnity company may not value your boat for its full worth. You are essentially left with the consequence of taking less for something that is worth more. Home insurance also does not cover accidents on the water and boats with locations away from the primary residence. Your boat is not covered under your home insurance plan if it falls off your trailer during the family’s road trip across the country.

Call American Founders Insurance Group Inc.

The only way to ensure that your watercraft is fully protected is by calling the agents at American Founders Insurance Group Inc. Our experts can provide a full explanation of all of your options and find the boat assurance plan that works best for your situation. Call American Founders today to get started with a quote!

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