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Your motorhome is one of your most valued possessions. Not only does this vehicle serve as your home-on-wheels during family road trips, but your RV can also be your alternative when you need to relocate fast. Your RV has so much to offer, which is why you need to ensure that you have the right protection when the unexpected happens.

RV insurance is an absolute must if you own a motorhome in Tulsa, OK. American Founders Insurance Group Inc. can help you find the right policy.

What is RV insurance?

Recreational vehicle (RV) insurance is an indemnity plan specifically designed to cover damages to your motorhome. The assurance policy may pay for repairs to Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes. Trailers and fifth wheels may also be covered under an RV insurance plan.

RV insurance vs. standard auto insurance

Your standard auto insurance plan in Oklahoma is not enough to cover your motorhome. Some RV owners in Tulsa OK make the mistake of believing that RV assurance covers liability as well as other hazards on the road such as underinsured drivers and non-collision incidents. Thus, according to such persons, a standard auto insurance policy that costs less is just as good as an RV assurance, which may require higher premium payments. Do not let the numbers fool you!

An RV assurance plan comes with the standard things that you would see in a traditional auto assurance plan plus perks solely meant to protect you as a motorhome owner. The best RV indemnity plans give you the option of including the appliances inside of your motorhome as well as unforeseen instances such as a fire caused by your camper’s stove. You will not find such a possibility with a standard auto insurance plan. In fact, you probably will not even obtain enough coverage to pay for the full value of your motorhome if you tried to go the way of traditional auto assurance while being an RV owner in Oklahoma.

Call American Founders Insurance Group Inc. for help

The agents at American Founders Insurance Group Inc. understand the importance of financial security and can help you find the RV insurance policy to protect one of your greatest assets. Call today to get started with a quote!

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